Coronavirus locally Health & Livelihood Emergency

About 90 percent of migrant labors in India have lost their livelihood within weeks during the COVID lock-down. Our state has reached a heart-wrenching milestone: the COVID-19 pandemic has now claimed state lives. As a result, migrant families face uncertain livelihoods, increased indebtedness, hunger and extreme poverty. General Secretary Rajendra Singh Mewada & staff encourages local solidarity to save lives, protect people and help defeat this vicious virus.


As we know that pneumonia of unknown causes was detected in Wuhan, China was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December 2019. The outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on 30 January 2020 by the WHO (World Health Organisation). The virus has spread to more than 200 Countries and Territories all over the world with reported a total of 2,013,998 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 with 127,590 deaths till date.

YVM’s response to Covid-19

Youth Vikas Mandal has been working for the deprived section of the society since its inception. The community with whom we are working faced a lot of difficulties in getting the basic essentials goods like ration and so on. The underprivileged communities such as migrant labour were in the great dilemma that how could they survive in the nationwide lockdown. Therefore we decided to stand more vigorously with the migrant laborers and the most deprived communities with whom we work from past 20 years.

During this COVID – 19 crisis, the Yuva Vikas Mandal reached out to the vulnerable section of the society by providing them dry ration kits as well as safety equipments such as masks, sanitizers, etc. particularly the migrant laborers, community who engaged in caste-based occupation and the community who engaged in bagging on the priority basis. These communities are Pardi, Sapera, Badigir, Nath, Bedia, Bachda, Valmik, Bargunda, Faqir and migrant laborers in the Muslim community. The above-mentioned communities have had very bad financial condition because they were not allowed to go out and earn something to feed their children and family members. Whatever they have had ended during the lockdown.

The Yuva Vikas Mandal Sansthan, with the help of its supporting organisation, has been distributed relief material of around RS 70 lakh in 8 districts of Madhya Pradesh namely Sagar, Vidisha, Sehore, Raisen, Dewas, Ujjain, Ratlam, and Narsinghpur.

The following activities were carried out by the Yuva Vikas Mandal during the Covid-19 outbreak…

Immediate dry Ration kit Distribution to the underprivileged families and family that engaged in caste-based inhuman work: -

Due to nationwide sudden lockdown, dry ration kits were distributed to more than 5000 families of migrant laborers along with the families such as Pardi and Sapera communities who are mainly engaged in capturing the scattering bird, snake catching as well in bagging, manual scavenging who engaged in the inhuman practice of the work and those who have left this work, Bedia and Bachda communities who are mainly known as sex worker as well as foil binning communities.

Distribution of safety equipment: -

10,000 masks were distributed to children and migrant laborers and other deprived community members for their protection from the viruse.

Distribution of PPE kits to the frontline workers: -

500 PPE kit were distributed to frontline workers such as nurses, police, sweepers, and other government administrative personnel who are constantly working to prevent the spread of the COVID 19 virus and help them out who got infected with the virus.

Distribution of nutritious dietary kits to children: -

During the lockdown, because of the lack of nutritious food among the children of the underprivileged community, the organization distributed nutritious dietary kits to 500 malnourished children where our work is taking place.

Education support to children: -

Children from Pardi and Sapera community used to migrate along with their family to help their parents in the occupation of begging. Due to this, the education of these children would be stopped. The education of these children should not be stopped and they are not forced to migrate with the family, 300 children will be given a scholarship of Rs. 1000 per child.

Livelihood support for business: -

Due to nationwide lockdown, the community such as Pardi, Sapera, Valmiki, and other deprived communities have lost their jobs and are facing several kinds of problems, have become poorest among the poor. Such families were supported by RS 5000 to 15000 per person for providing them livelihoods like Ration shop, hawker cloth shop, goat rearing, poetry form, hawker toy shop, and vegetable cart.

Conducted Public Awareness Rath Yatra : -

Yuva Vikas Mandal organized a Rath Yatra program for bringing the awareness in public for prevention the COVID 19 in Sehore District, under the joint aegis of Chief Health and Medical Officer Sehore, including in the Containment Zone, in Urban and Rural markets, and more than 300 villages. At the same time, the YVM was active in social media for the same and disseminated abouth the COvid -19 in public through social media on the individual and other WhatsApp groups and other online platforms.

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