Yuva Vikas Mandal Initiative

The leading philanthropists have come together to introduce the Migrants Resilience Collaborative (MRC), India’s largest grassroots-led multi-stakeholder collaborative of non-profit, philanthropic, and private sector actors committed to ensuring safety, security, and mobility for vulnerable migrant families across India. At Yuva Vikas Mandal , during this period we have started 5 Districts (Hosangabad, Harda, Sehore, Vidisha & Sagar in MP State) Migration Resource Centers (DMRC) to provide assistance and support to migrant workers from October 2020 in five distracts of MP state India.


Our nation witnessed the permeability and disenfranchisement of millions of migrant laborers and their families during the nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. We all saw the heartrending pictures, exposing realities of the marginalized. Yuva Vikas Mandal (YVM ) working on MRC in Five districts, namely Hosangabad, Harda, Sehore, Vidisha & Sagar in MP State. Yuva Vikas Mandal , providing support all the migrant worker in all 5 districts and connect to them with government schemes , self-business and local livelihood for social Security. The grass rout workers, Coordinator, CBOs, local workers, Counsellors are guiding and supporting and stand with the community and for the community to sustain their livelihood.

Project Districts Scenario

According to Census 2011, total household 1445415 of the five districts and total population of the five district (Hosangabad, Harda, Sehore, Vidisha & Sagar in MP State) was 6960480 persons out of these male 3653131 and female 3307349 ,total literacy was 73.49% male literacy 82.34% and female literacy 63.69%. The total workers of five districts were 2851585 out of these 1950506 male workers and 901079 female workers.

District wise data (Census 2011)

S.No District Name No Household Total Population Total Male Total Female
1 Sagar 517850 2378458 1256257 1122201
2 Vidisha 299676 1458875 769568 689307
3 Sehore 257311 1311332 683743 627589
4 Harda 113379 570465 294838 275627
5 Hoshangabad 257199 1241350 648725 592625

Work Status

In the MRC projects, total number of application in five districts proceed/submitted were 17327, out of which 7773 are received benefits, the district wise details are as follows:
S.No District Name Total number of application proceed/submitted Number of benefits received
1 Harda 5221 4220
2 Hoshangabad 3316
3 Sagar 487 233
4 Sehore 8181 3225
5 Vidisha 122 95
Total 17327 7773